The walking dead

It was a way of acknowledging that the show was bigger than any one person and could go on without Rick. Also starring[ edit ] Austin Amelio as Dwighta former subordinate of Negan who now works for Rick as a double agent against the Saviors. She serves as a primary supply runner.

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There are three levels of zombie makeup: Aaron goes to help with the gate as Jesus continues to fight the walkers. Afterwards, Rick got on his horse, rode to an abandoned cabin and passed out.

The survivors divide, face their own trials and meet new faces before finding signs pointing to a safe haven called Terminus.

Talking Dead features host Chris Hardwick discussing the latest episode with fans, actors, and producers of The Walking Dead.

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Carl is forced to mature and learn to survive in the deadly new post-apocalyptic world. Nadine Marissa as Nabila, a resident and gardener of the Kingdom. Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes: Jesus reveals that he took over after Maggie departed and went to stay with Georgie.

The Walking Dead

Often the voice of reason within the group. Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh: Often the voice of reason within the group. Egleeexecutive producer and creator of the comic book Robert Kirkman, co-executive producer Jack LoGiudiceconsulting producer Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzaraall of whom contributed to one episode each.

Abraham is a former military sergeant on a mission to bring a survivor to Washington, D.

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An older member of the group who owned the RV in which a group of survivors traveled. Lori dies in childbirth, and Rick becomes withdrawn. Over the course of the series, Glenn becomes an integral member of the group known for his character and resourcefulness.

She stated that they were aiming to give the series a "fresh look and feel", and "focusing a lot on the core character relationships in the show that have kind of been long-lasting, as well as all of our wonderful series regulars". Rick told him he's looking for his family.

Season 9 —19 Main article: Figures created to resemble the characters as drawn in the comic book were released in September The stunt involved invading 26 major cities within a hour period, starting with Taipei and Hong Kong, and ending in Los Angeles for the U.


Without Lincoln, the show faces an uncertain but exciting future, but it's gonna get there with pizzazz. For Now In our first view of Hilltop since the time jump, the community is thriving.Welcome to The Walking Dead Wiki a collaborative website for the continuing story of the survival horror, The Walking Dead, that anyone can edit.

WARNING: The Walking Dead Wiki is updated to include all information about the comic series, novels, video games, and television shows, including. The Walking Dead TV-MA In the wake of a zombie apocalypse, survivors hold on to the hope of humanity by banding together to wage a fight for their own Of Seasons: 7.

Product Features Jeffery Dean Morgan, who portrays negan on amc's the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead Q&A – Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) (Spoilers) The Walking Dead Q&A – Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) Michonne.

Danai Gurira. Michonne is leading Alexandria side-by-side with Rick, focusing on the philosophical ideals by which all the communities may.

5 hours ago · (Spoilers ahead for the Season 9 mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” on AMC) For the entirety of Season 9 of “The Walking Dead” so far, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has been stuck in.

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The walking dead
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