Ready to wear market segmentation

Demographics-Will be broken down by gender female and agelives in the United States, and marital status married and single. Keep in mind that these silhouettes can be designed by high end designers and would too expensive to be for budget or mass market.

There are some people who are technology averse with systematic purchasing pattern. It is particularly obvious for ready-to-wear fashion clothes, which are very exposed to counterfeit.

For example, in the detergent market, Hindustan Level and Proctor and Gamble are all national marketers in India. People exhibit different life-style and they express them through the products they use. Discount brands cater to low-income consumers. Specialty markets include designer clothes, work apparel and uniforms further segmented into military, prison, health care workers, food service workers, athletic teams, etc.

They definitely need credit cards. The interlinking of segmentation, targeting and positioning: Therefore the Branding strategy will be a key driver to establish a strong brand identity and image and then to meet the success on luxury fashion market in China. Some producers of liquor, cigarettes, apparel, etc.

Income, occupation, education, religion and social classes are the important socio-economic data required for market segmentation. These companies can also further differentiate their clothing products from key competitors.

The mass market and budget driven stores typically buy in large quantities so they are able to keep retail prices low. Segmentation is required only if there are marked differentiation in terms of demand. Differences in product preferences, size and growth in demand, media habits and competitive structure of the market also affect the differences and response rates.

Consumers who show no loyalty to any brand. The aim for these channels is to extend their presence to develop a strategy of high-volume production to afford a lowest pricing-policy, which is well-appreciated in China. This is often called as substantiality.

Some designers move down to discount price points if their brand is becoming less sought after than it had been in the past. In demographic segmentation, the market is subdivided into different parts on the basis of demographic variables-age, sex, family size, income, occupation, education, family life cycle, religion, nationality etc.

Each region may consist of several states and districts. That is, offering the same product and applying the same marketing-mix to all customers assuming that there is no significant difference among consumers in terms of their needs and wants.

The clothing items the department store features is usually contingent upon the season.

Segmenting the Consumer Market

Behavioral segmentation focuses on what women want specifically in athletic wear. More of a fashion-forward look, than just a specific price point. However it seems that more and more prefer - when they have enough money to afford it — to buy luxury clothes abroad to be sure to buy an authentic product.

Pepsodent after its launch found some customers of Colgate switching between the two brands. Personality is another psychographic characteristic which is used to segment the market. Some motorcycle manufacturers segment the market on the basis of personality variables such as macho image, independent and impulsive.

A further sub-division can be average customers and affluent customers. But people prefer different cars because they seek different benefits: It is based on the natural variations found in a general or total market.

This growth is supported by a development of distribution structure. Bases for consumer Market segmentation:Comfort provides realized, fashionable, and ready-to-wear clothing which are more economical than similar clouting in other department stores. Essentials is looking at a market in which consumers are looking for similar advantages such as cost and comfort.

Nov 23,  · The Fashion Market Segmentation Pyramid. Ready-to-wear, also called as Prêt-à-Porter (invented by italian companies) Price: High price, 5 to 3 times higher than the average market price.

Creativity: High level of creativity, designers expression through the fashion show. Market segmentation is a recent development in marketing thinking and strategy. It is based on the natural variations found in a general or total market.

Diversity is the basic characteristic of a market, be it a consumer market or industrial market. Vishwa Varun Page 12 Market Segmentation: Menswear Market Today menswear market is the biggest segment of the market,howwhere women’s wear segment is growing faster than other segment of apparel, is expected to gain majority share in kitaharayukio-arioso.comar is also growing rapidly.

In this report, the global Ready-to-Wear market is valued at USD XX million in and is expected to reach USD XX million by the end ofgrowing at a CAGR of XX% between and Geographically, this report is segmented into several key Regions, with production, consumption, revenue.

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Apparel Industry Price Point Definitions - Terms of Interest to the Fashion Industry: Mass market apparel sometimes is a knockoff of higher priced designer items. meaning; expensive). The fabrics, construction, detailing and trimming are usually superior to other ready-to-wear items.

At this level, the designer can give free reign to.

Ready to wear market segmentation
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