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His grave is at Old North Cemetery in Portsmouth. John Langdon Down, — Reginald Down Percival Down John Langdon Haydon Down, DS 18 November — 7 Octoberwas a British physician best known for his description of a relatively common genetic disorder, now known as Down syndromewhich he originally classified in He also spent considerable time persuading the other colonies of the need to support the efforts to build a navy, despite no immediate or obvious return on their investments.

He used this argument to refute the apologists for Negro slavery in the Southern States at the time of the American Civil War and to support the concept of the unity of mankind. Senate, including service as the first President pro tem for several sessions.

His father, whose family had emigrated to America beforewas a prosperous farmer who sired a large family. He participated in the raid on Fort William and Marydrumming up a band of more than a hundred men to rush the fort and overpower the small contingent of British guards.

But John Langdon soon grew impatient with the political process. Both brothers had decided to travel by sea and became apprentices to local, naval merchants.

To George Washington from John Langdon, 6 April 1789

Later he entered the pharmaceutical laboratory in Bloomsbury Square and won the prize for organic chemistry. Following the Convention, Langdon served briefly in the Continental Congress, returning to New Hampshire later in the year to participate in the states ratification convention.

By he was firmly backing the Democratic-Republicans. At an early age he entered the counting-house of a merchant, and afterward owned and commanded a ship which was employed in the London and West-India trade, but soon exchanged the seafaring life for the business exclusively of a merchant, in which he was highly successful.

Too weak to operate without naval support, the Americans had to retreat. In he became president of the state, the title New Hampshire bestowed on its governors.

Clinical Lecture Reports, London Hospital 3: He established a shipyard to begin fitting out the first ships of the Navy, and he used his trading connections to import and distribute weapons among the colonies.

John Langdon (1741-1819)

The brothers entered local politics on the eve of the Revolution. One was based in the east to protect the coast from attack by the Royal Navy and to support the other New England states.

A Biography of John Langdon 1741-1819

Langdon did not arrive until July As early aswhen the mother country passed the Boston port bill, and menaced hostilities, Mr. Early career Instead, he decided to take up medicine, entering the Royal London Hospital as a student in Langdon later led a detachment of troops during the Rhode Island campaign, but found his major outlet in politics.

He John langdon funding the war as a necessary investment, famously saying: He died in his hometown of Portsmouth inand was interred at the Langdon Tomb in the North Cemetery.

As a result, Down syndrome was also known as "Mongolism" and people with Down syndrome referred to as "Mongoloids". They arrived in time to surround the British, cutting off retreat to Canada.John Langdon (June 26, – September 18, ) was a politician from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and a Founding Father of the United served as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, signed the United States Constitution, and was one of the first two United States senators from that state.

As a member of the Continental Congress Langdon was an early supporter of the. · John Langdon was a Portsmouth, New Hampshire politician born on the 26th of June, Langdon was one of the early supporters of the Revolutionary War who later worked for Continental Congress.

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He stayed with the Congress for twelve years, and he  · John Langdon was a citizen of the 13 colonies, he was senate of New Hampshire a mercantile owner, a clerk and he was chosen to help write the Constitution of the United States John Langdon was born on June 26, and died September 18 but in between those 78 years he attended grammar school  · Dr.

John Langdon is an internist in Orlando, Florida. He received his medical degree from Creighton University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20  · John Edmund Langdon FORT WORTH--John Edmund Langdon died peacefully at his home on Saturday, Nov.

4, SERVICE: 1 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 14,at Arlington Heights United Methodist Church, LANGDON, John, (brother of Woodbury Langdon), a Delegate and a Senator from New Hampshire; born in Portsmouth, N.H., June 26, ; attended the local grammar school; served an apprenticeship as a clerk, went to sea, and engaged in mercantile pursuits; a prominent supporter of the revolutionary movement and active in the Revolutionary War; a representative in the general court; Member of the.

John langdon
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