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They needed to freeze accounts to check. The fact is that Germany did not ban Onelife cause it is a pyramid, ponzi or scam. MMM started indeclared bankruptcy inand Sergei Mavrodi the Founder was on the run until his arrest in I read your earlier topics about old Conligus business presentation education.

At the venue, relax and be yourself. I will make India topic then. I will not go into what really happened, but I would like people to use brains and think about why would anyone buy the insolvent company, invest in it, make it work good, and after the crisis hit factory failed again.

Two surveys have been ordered by the judge not by ourselves. Gox, several times over, and will be the direct cause of several suicides, guaranteed. It means OneCoin corporate can turn back transactions in case of hacker attacks, fraud etc. So, as an entrepreneur or a marketing executive, if you must succeed, you must do all it takes to develop your public speaking and presentation skills.

If it were, it would crash. Some of them did a good job but failed and moved on. Why should you join?

Is OneCoin really a scam? Breaking News!

Onecoin is obsessed with Bitcoin. Images courtesy of Pixabay, and Onecoin Websites and articles. So, again, much magic is taking place here.

What is mining onecoin?

Another year later he froze all pay outs, then started again some months later with similar results. The so-called video in the back office showing the mining taking place is fake.

Onecoin will not stop even if dr Ruja was to leave. It simply does not exist with Onecon. Somewhere in between, she studied International Law.

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This is the perfect storm for massive financial loss and suicides, as well as deep shame and embarrassment for those who have established a downline, which includes any friends and family.Conligus Italy - Conligus Business Presentation - PDF - english 1.

CONLIGUSBUSINESS PRESENTATION 2. IMAGINE BEING PART OF AN EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY Experience the lifestyle you always dreamed of and become a part of a world wide exclusive community.

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Presentation CONLIGUS is a MLM company to launched in October A head, three Christian brothers, Aron and Stephan Steinkeller, marketers multi-millionaires. Hungary area Manager at Conligus Financial Services Skills: Business Networking, Business Networking, Executive Coaching, Small Business, Women Owned Business Emotional Intelligence, Interviews, Strategy, Consulting, Social Media Marketing, Presentation Coaching, Lifestyle Coaching, Executive Development, Work Life Balance.

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Conligus business presentation
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