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However, his friends still went for the treat and they are now asking Frank to cater for the expenses. For an employer to be held liable, the wrong must be committed 'within the course of employment. This policy is applied only in cases, in which it would be unjust or an affront to the integrity of the law system to enforce a contract like that.

Where a confidential relationship is found to exist, a presumption of undue influence will arise. The conduct of the other party both before and after the agreement ' Specific actions of the other party ' Past dealings with the other party As desirable as a written contract is, in certain situations it may be counter-productive, such as: Plaintiff reliance on defendant's advice must reasonable in all circumstances.

This may be circumstantial, e. Another example is when Business law contract essays person signs a written document mistakenly believing that it relates to something entirely different from what in fact it does relate to, in this case the person will not be bound by it. Plaintiff must rely on the advice given by the defendant Defendant must aware that his advice will be relied on by the plaintiff.

Since a contract is a legally binding agreement, and even an honest contractual mistake can cause serious problems, it is crucial that small business owners have at least a basic understanding of contract law.

In consequence, he stayed on late and at 7.

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But, afterwards S Co declined the offer of B Co to purchase a contract covering parts and labour on the computer purchased for 2 years. Furthermore this examination requires the consideration of three key issues, which are as follows: I have separated these in respective order.

A plaintiff may be able to bring a cause of action against two or more defendants by proving that the acts of each were proximate causes of the plaintiff's injury, even where the defendants' negligent acts were distinct.

In other less serious instances, the court will find the contract valid but the wronged party will be entitled to reject the contract or to treat it as at an end. When one of the parties breaks the terms of an agreement this is called a "breach.

Another important concept emerged at that time: The duty of care was owed in the negligent misstatement when the situation that the parties are in 'Special relationship'.

However, we could argue on the other hand that no person is bound by a contract against his will, may find himself subject to terms imposed by the law rather than the agreed terms of the contract alone. January, Date submitted: Frank could not make it because he was working late.

Therefore, the duty of care owed by the defendant for negligent misstatement is not as broad as the general duty of care Neighbourhood Principle created by the case Donoghue v Stevenson.

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Cases, Materials and Commentary on Administrative Law 4th edition. Having established that the construction of the clause does cover the presence of breach, we must turn now to the third key issue.

After the offer is made and has been accepted by all the parties there must be a consideration. The objective is to advise Alice as pertains to the Law of estoppel and why she should not give into the demands by Benny. Duncan, a big man who was heavily tattooed and wearing leathers, parks his motorbike outside her garden and strikes up a conversation with Mary.

Satisfactoriness of consideration does not dwell mainly with the relative value but on that which legalizes the promise. An insurer may waive a policy cover by progressing under a policy when he or she is aware of the facts at hand or in the exercise of ordinary diligence where the facts in question give rise to the defense.

Once proved, however, the innocent party can rescind the contract; sue for damages for deceit, or both.Application of Law of Contract to a Given Fact Situation. Print Reference this. Published: 8th August, APPLY THE LAW OF CONTRACT TO A GIVEN FACT SITUATION. Business Essay Writing Service Essays More Business Essays.

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We can help with your essay Find out more. Essays; Business; [email protected]. Contract law reflects real business experience since it can be traced back to the days when in order to solve a dispute English courts used the lex mercatoria, which were the commercial rules that merchants used when doing business across borders.

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Contract law is ancient and was found by common law. Contracts were mostly used for creating market economy and business proceedings. The contract law is essential for bankers by which they can lend the loan taking a surety of the third party.

- Business Law I. Explain with cases the essentials of a valid contract. Introduction Contract, in the simplest definition, a promise enforceable by law.

The promise may be.

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Contract law has been more formally defined as a promise or set of promises which the law will enforce. Another definition and a somewhat competing view, is that a contract is an agreement giving rise to obligations which are enforced or recognized by law.

This is a revised edition of the paperback Essays on Contract, which was published by OUP in With the addition of a previously unpublished chapter, this chapter is an up-to-date and comprehensive account of the views on the law and theory of contract.

The new essay, ‘Freedom of Contract and the New Right’, charts the latest shift in the development of contract law, this time back in.

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