A summary of the shining a novel by stephen king

As his fellow students start identifying with Charliehe unwittingly turns his class into a sort of psychotherapy group, causing his schoolmates to semi-voluntarily tell embarrassing secrets regarding themselves and each other. Yes, there are times when I felt very angry toward my children and have even felt as though I could hurt them.

And time has given me the idea that probably there are a lot of young fathers and young mothers both who feel very angry, who have angry feelings toward their children. Taped orchestral music played in the room and theirs was the only table set for dining. His father was an abusive alcoholic.

They hear the elevator start to move, as the Overlook hotel "[comes] to life around them" On the third floor there are thirty suites "including the Presidential Suite" 1.

This building is coming to life around the family with noises and momentoes of a masked ball — up around them. He is afflicted with seeing more than anyone his age should have to see, but on the other hand, he has a tool he can use to try to save them all. I can report, though, on a bit This shot was found on Wikimedia of kitsch.

Another factor that came into play was that I lived with her during this time. And for a little guy he has a huge talent. The author had and still has a special gift for words and description and the creation of characters that few others can match even at this time.

Jack wielded a roque mallet, not an axe. The novel ends with Wendy and Halloran sitting on either side of Danny while he catches fish beneath "the afternoon sun" As he gets drunk, the hotel uses the ghost of the former caretaker Grady to urge Jack to kill his wife and son. How a child survives in a troubled family is key.

In fact, there is a fair bit or mirroring going on here. The chief shoots Charlie, but he survives and is found not guilty by reason of insanity and committed to a psychiatric hospital in Augusta, Maine until he can answer for his actions.

Their history of bad times in their marriage and bad experiences with their parents cause Jack and Wendy to build cases against each other, pushing them further and further apart. Danny is meeting Tony face to face for the first time.

The Overlook Hotel captured that sense of utter aloneness and of being cut off from the rest of the world friends and relativeswhile the father slowly goes berserk and then on a wild killing spree. Plot summary[ edit ] The Shining mainly takes place in the fictional Overlook Hotel, an isolated, haunted resort hotel located in the Colorado Rockies.

Jack attacks Wendy with one of the hotel's roque mallets, grievously injuring her, but she escapes to the caretaker's suite and locks herself in the bathroom.

The idea was prompted by the occasional person asking, "What ever happened to Danny? But King was using the haunted house trope to look at more personal demons. First, and foremost, the book of The Shining is about the disintegration of a family due to alcoholism and anger issues. It is a pretty narrow road though, so you will have to drive carefully.

But a gamble worth taking. The history of the hotel, which is described in backstory by several characters, includes the deaths of some of its guests and of former winter caretaker Delbert Grady, who succumbed to cabin fever and killed his family and himself.

The film is pretty much pure spook house, well-done spook house, but solely spook house, nonetheless, IMHO. Not everything shines here. But he resists and the three escape. He manages to get a gig taking care of the Overlook Hotel in Colorado over the winter.

That night, Wendy worries about Jack and Danny. In another room, Danny sees a dead woman rotting in a bathtub. Fighting off a last attempt by the hotel to possess him, Hallorann guides Danny and Wendy to safety.

Several notable incidents include a violent disagreement between two female students and a police sniper's attempt to shoot Charlie through the heart. I woke up with a tremendous jerk, sweating all over, within an inch of falling out of bed.

As long as he and his parents can remember, Danny has known things. As the time of death approaches, the hotel grows in psychic strength, coming alive with memories of the past, offering false promises to Jack if he will bash the heads in of Wendy and Danny with a roque mallet.

InKing started a novel entitled Darkshine, which was to be about a psychic boy in a psychic amusement park, but the idea never came to fruition and he abandoned the book.

Stephen King ‘The Shining’ Review

She tries to go in, but finds the door locked. If so, which one turns your dials more?Complete summary of Stephen King's The Shining.

eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Shining.

The Shining Summary & Study Guide

kitaharayukio-arioso.com will help you with any book or any question. Our summaries and. This is a painful review to write. I have read just about all Stephen King that has been published. I've also reviewed most of what I've read, giving an occasional 3 stars to an anthology or a short story, but the vast majority of my scores for novels have been 4's and 5's, mosly the latter.

Jan 28,  · This was most excellent; I can % see why this is many readers' favorite Stephen King novel. Heck, it's my favorite novel of his to date, although I have a. Stephen King is the author of more than sixty books, all of them worldwide bestsellers.

His recent work includes The Outsider, Sleeping Beauties (cowritten with his son Owen King), the Bill Hodges trilogy End of Watch, Finders Keepers, and Mr. Mercedes (an Edgar Award winner for Best Novel and an AT&T Audience Network original television series).His novel 11/22/63 was named a top ten book of.

The most important things are the hardest things to say, because words diminish them Some time ago the wise bald (or white) heads stationed at various universities came to an agreement that a literary form, commonly known as the novel, is dead - fewer and fewer works of any significance are written each year.

The Shining is a horror novel by American author Stephen King. Published init is King's third published novel and first hardback bestseller: the success of the book firmly established King as a preeminent author in the horror genre.

A summary of the shining a novel by stephen king
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